Saturday, October 20, 2007

#18- Asexuality and the Sex Positive Movement

Thanks to the good folks at Skype and PrettyMay I can now do interviews! This gives me an excuse to have long conversations with cool people, like Nora Dye, who biked across the friggin' country talking to different people involved in sex education and sexual health. We had a really interesting discussion about asexuality, sex positive sex educators and how we could be friends.

Also, news:
  • AVEN has endorsed a United ENDA, which is our first formal political act in history. Find out what that acronym means at:
  • Big Mouth Films wants to do a documentary on asexuality.
  • Playboy Magazine is trying to start some shit.


Nora Dye said...

Hey David! Great podcast - it was fun to talk to you. I wanted to make one correction to what I said - California USED to be the only state that didn't take federal funding for abstinence only sex education - it was then joined by Maine and Pennsylvania, and now more than ten states have rejected the funding.

Queers United said...
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Queers United said...

great blog, please continue to update.