Wednesday, November 29, 2006

#11- Asex 101 Lecture

I’ve recorded the lecture that I gave a few months back so that we can use it as an educational tool. This weeks’ podcast is just a huge news update, since there hasn’t been one for so long.


We left off on September 26 with Podcast 10, here are the headlines since then in vague outline forumat

Talk at University of Delaware a Success!

My computer broke : (

Montel, Keith Ablow, Tyra Banks, Daily Telegraph All At The Same Time

Minor Site Downtime- Sketchy in Restrospect?

Montel Filming Goes Great

-Power Asexuals Get Bagels, Conquer Planet, Kick Butt on Camera

-Montel Williams Allright but Kind of Mysogonistic

-Joy Davidson Defends All That is Pure from the Asexual Hordes

-Attacked us on lack of academic cred. Accused us of recruiting, etc.

-Counter: Asexual health

My Computer is Fixed, yay!!

Start updating AVEN, go to make cookies and… Nov 10, 6PM site goes down

- Why this happened: ignorance about asexuality

o NOT explicit sexual discussion going on AVEN

- Takes a week to get a new server and get back up. I’m really stressed out the whole time, about doubled my computer knowledge through trial and error and redangel.

Next up: Montel, finishing the book proposal, code updates and PT elections. If anyone needs me drop me a line, but those three things are what I’m focusing on.

Check out the lecture!

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