Tuesday, June 03, 2008


As I mentioned last episode the good folks at Google Reader and Asexy Beast (or should I say, Asexy Best!) have been inspiring to get more on the content generation. As a part of that noble effort I'm going to give up on the strictly-podcasting format and let loose my random thoughts about Community Based Intimacy and whatnot. Podcasts will still keep flowing, as they give me a perfect excuse to talk to awesome people like Carol "Sex Machine" Queen (which will be up as soon as I can get it audio edited!) For now:
My work just flew me out to DC for a conference, so I am just atwitter with potential networking. I'm gonna try to pry my way into the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. That's right, they got their grubby paws on TheTaskForce.org, which pretty much makes them the Special Get Shit Done Commando Squad of Operation Gay. H.O.T. It also means that the they probably won't have time for the likes of my pissant sexual orientation, but oh wells. Here's the gameplan:

Step 1) Hang out with the awesome sounding interns at NCTE and get them to think I'm cool.

Step 2) Get them to introduce me to their Task Force friends, who apparently work one floor down, over lunch.

Step 3) See about hooking local AVEN groups into Task Force campaigns, which will give AVEN people an excuse to make friends, give them organizer training and get them hooked up with their local gaybourhood.

Step 4) Throw organizing love to the NCTE as a way to demonstrate solidarity between the communities and so that we have allies there, who will come in all sorts of handy over time.

Fingers crossed.

Speaking of lobbying, Carol Queen thinks we're beyond awesome, which is a good thing. Carol is the founding director of the Center for Sex and Culture, and has the love, respect and admiration of the sex positive everybody near as I can tell. If someone were to be elected President of Sex there's a good chance she'd take the ticket, and during our interview she gave a long list of ways that the asexual and sex positive movement could have a constructive dialogue. HOPEFULLY this means that we can soon drop business cards on sex positive folks without getting the evil eye, which would be a nice change of pace. (To be fair, I only get it half the time now.) We just need to get an "endorsed by Carol Queen" seal for AVEN.

The above pic is a shot I took of the white house, which featured a mysterious woman in coral. Ooohhh.


Mary Maxfield said...

Oh, god, *lobbying.* Policy and grassroots activism and all that so-called nonsense are like my crack, or rather (given that I'm - thankfully - not an addict) my air, my H20. Sounds like you have some awesome connections in the works, so congrats, hooray, and I'll try not to be too jealous. :)

The Impossible K said...

The NCTE sounds intriguing indeed- I hope you make some successful connections. And if you do, I'm sure there are many Aces (like Willendork and I) more than happy to help!
Also, I noticed your podcast isn't listed on iTunes (or perhaps I just can't find it?) Would you be willing to post it there?