Wednesday, July 09, 2008

#22- Interview With Carol Queen Part 2

Listen here.

As promised, here is the second installment of the interview with Carol Queen. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I found two aspects of this interview particularly interesting:

1. Compatibility and identity: While it's true that the asexual community places great emphasis on using only the labels (if any) that apply to a person at a particular time and emphasizes the importance of being flexible with changing these labels, the asexual community could further explore the (not necessarily negative) disconnect between identity labels and actual relationship definitions. As mentioned in the interview, any label of a/sexual orientation only defines the orientation of that particular person; it says nothing about the relationships in which the person is involved and/or interested. This is a crucial point to remember. The concept reminds me of the saying: "I'm not gay/lesbian, but my girl-/boyfriend is." Relationships do not define orientation any more than orientation defines relationships.

2. I'm glad you two broached the topic of negative sexual experiences in the asexual community. This is an extremely tough topic to talk about, partly because of the intensely personal nature and stigma associated with the subject and partly because of people's need for others to perceive their asexuality as "legitimate", as opposed to being caused by sexual abuse. More open, honest dialogue will be the only way for the asexual community to shed light on this sensitive issue.

Anonymous said...

phenomenal show! that queen think conservatives have something to teach her about language and religion impresses me.

i often wish i could touch the people i love as much as i touch my cats. id love to hear further conversation on touch needs and fulfillment outside sex.