Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Asexualest. Robot. Ever.

Even though Wall-E's hopelessly romantic and I'm hopelessly not, I was way way into the relationships in this movie. So cute! And falling for the girl with the laser cannon and tireless directive to save the world? Story of my life.

On the HSDD front, some promising news. It looks like there's a timeline of "a couple of months" (how many I'm finding out), and I've tracked down the recently-released list of working group members. A cool AVENite also updated the definition of HSDD on Wikipedia.


Queers United said...

asexual robots! lol

Ily said...

Since I believe everything I read on Wikipedia (ha, ha), I'm very glad to see that someone edited that article!

Anonymous said...

i didnt realise Wall-E was Asexual . . . i havent seen it yet but i just got some motivation to!

perhaps i should have put Wall-E on my Asexual characters list?


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